Aella Choir

Power Through Voice


Going into the audition I felt nervous, but as soon as I arrived I was made to feel very welcome, and I felt surprisingly comfortable right away.
— Ellen Badcock, current Aella member

Auditions for the 2018-19 season are over. However, please note that we occasionally audition new singers during the season! If you are interested in auditioning in the future, please send an email* to Aella's artistic director Jennifer Berntson at

*We keep track of singers who express an interest in joining the group via email. We will contact you with the date(s) and available time slots of upcoming auditions once they have been determined.



What do our auditions involve? Aella's auditions consist of:

  • Blending exercises with Aella singers

  • Singing two choral excerpts in 4-part harmony with Aella singers; the excerpts will be sent to you in advance so that you can prepare

  • Sightreading exercises

  • A brief conversation with the Aella singers present at your audition

When are our 2018-19 performances? Aella has a number of performances scheduled for its 2018-19 season, including a one-week tour to Nova Scotia! Check out our Upcoming Performances page for a full listing.


When do we rehearse? Sundays from 2 - 5 pm. Every month, we get one Sunday off -- usually the Sunday during a long weekend, if the month has a statutory holiday.


How many concerts a year do we do? We perform two full concerts per year, usually in late winter & late spring. In addition, Aella makes a few (shorter) appearances on other programs: at choral festivals, church services, or special events. We generally sing already-learned repertoire (i.e. taken from our full programs) during these extra performances.


What is the time commitment outside of normal rehearsals? Each season, Aella holds two Ottawa-based "retreats," during which we spend one weekend together introducing ourselves to new repertoire and, if possible, doing a session with a clinician. (Retreats are usually scheduled for early autumn and early spring.) Apart from these retreats (and dress rehearsals) we rarely schedule extra rehearsal time. Members do occasionally get together outside of rehearsal to practice together, but they organize these sessions themselves (mostly for fun!)


What's the fee for the year? Do singers buy their own scores? Aella members aren't required to pay membership fees or purchase scores. We are committed to making our choir accessible to all potential singers (and our performances accessible to all audience members!) regardless of their financial situation.