Aella Choir

Power Through Voice


Aella is a treble choir composed of advanced singers from the National Capital Region, which performs without a conductor. Described by Classical Ottawa as "everything modern choir should be – innovative, technically precise, joyous, comforting and representative," Aella was founded in 2016 by Jennifer Berntson. The group came together to sing exciting and compelling pieces from the treble repertoire.


  • To perform music that showcases the power of treble voices, individually and collectively

  • To perform without a conductor, freeing us to connect with each other and our audiences

  • To take an interdisciplinary approach to choral singing, incorporating movement, poetry, and other art forms into live performances

  • To foster a positive, relaxed, and collaborative rehearsal environment, while striving for a high level of artistry and musicianship in performance

  • To support humanitarian and artistic endeavours through our music-making

Through its mandate, Aella will help to enrich the Canadian choral community. We hope that you will join us on our journey!

Get more information on Aella's mandate, name, and how the group came together here, in an interview with Jennifer Berntson.